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About Shane

Shane has significant experience in the Financial, DoD, and Aerospace industries, spanning multiple disciplines - in one portable and pleasant package. He has spent years in both small business and large enterprise environments building highly available solutions to keep banks, satellites, and space shuttles from crashing. For years he has been helping organizations such as First National Bank of Omaha,, the United States Air Force, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, NOAA, and NASA by designing, building, maintaining and protecting their critical systems, as well as leading teams of those charged with doing so.

I will put information technology to work for you.

20 Years of experience
10 Years IT Leadership
41200 Hours Of Support
3 Industries Supported

How I Can Help You

Management Consulting

Everyone can use a guardian angel to help steer them in the right direction. Whether you're a small or home office, a bustling startup growing fast, or a large corporation, I can develop your company's new IT strategy, or help repair a failing one. If you have continually late projects, overrun budgets, or you can't keep employees from leaving your company we should talk. If something is not working in your organization - whether it's equipment, business processes, administration, or people - we will find it and fix it. Together.

Enterprise Architecture

For larger customers - time is money, and for every second your applications are unavailable to your revenue sources that's money down the drain. I have extensive experience working in, building, and designing enterprise infrastructures as well as application architectures. It's almost 2020 and if your application still can't handle servers going down for maintenance, you need to call me.

Current Tech

I am able to provide technical solutions on current industry standard technologies, including cloud and hybrid cloud computing. Unusual or non-standard technologies or devices are not a problem as I have been learning new technology quickly while under pressure for what seems like forever. I pay attention to emerging and open source technology to find new and exciting ways to do things -- especially if they can be automated.

Information Security

I have held my CISSP credential for 12 years and stay current on threats, vulnerabilities, emerging technologies and countermeasures. I am available for most information security needs. I even have PCI audit experience. If you've received my business card with constructive criticism on it directing you here, this is for you.

Efficiency & Automation

One thing I can't stand is waste - whether it's my time or yours. Let me help you get more bang for your buck by making sure your business processes aren't doing unnecessary work. Are your engineers still building systems by hand? Are your administrators spending too much time babysitting users? There may be an opportunity to free up your technical staff to do more important work and make them happier in the process.

Educational Services

I am passionate about information security and the need to protect both corporate as well as personal assets and devices in the digital age. I am available for speaking engagements covering a wide range of information security topics including:

Network security, Physical security, Social engineering, Password complexity and safety, Payment card fraud, Identity fraud, Preventing fraud in the workplace, Personal digital privacy, and Preventing online identity theft.

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